Our Philosophy

Dessert has become a lost art, but we are reviving it through our diverse, creative sweets inspired by our Greek heritage. From baklava to kourabiedes, our recipes originate from the Greek countryside and have been passed down by farmers’ wives and perfected for the ultimate Greek experience. These irresistible treats will bring new and exciting flavors into your life, and we are constantly trying to adapt and create fusions and original takes on desserts to share with our followers. We care about the food we serve and pride ourselves in making the best possible sweets.

Food is inextricably linked to memory, and we strive to not only tell satiate your sweet tooth, but to tell you a story and history about what the food you buy. Food is often overlooked in modern society as simply a way of fueling ourselves, but to Wandering Zorba, food is everything. We are committed to finding local, organic sources for all products that we can. More importantly, food is social and about community-building and sharing. Wandering Zorba donates a portion of all profits to charities that you have a part in choosing.

The classic, fictional character from Greece, Zorba, was a wandering sailor who traveled the globe in search of adventure and excitement. He got the most out of life because he lived in the moment and above all had a passion for learning and experiencing new things. Wandering Zorba draws its inspiration from his philosophy and seeks to help others experience distant places through sweets inspired from Greece and our travels around the world.

Who is in the Kitchen?

Elvira Papajianne Garnett – Elvira was born in Northern Greece to the town of Veroia. She comes from a family of peach and nectarine farmers in rural Greece, but at 18 she immigrated to the United States to pursue a college education and Master’s degree in literature in New York City. Following her education, she taught in the Bronx and subsequently moved to DC to become a banker. Elvira is the head baker of Wandering Zorba whose recipes come directly from her family in Greece and have been perfected over many generations.

John Garnett – Elvira’s son and co-baker, John has diligently learned to bake from her over the years. He is a food historian that is interested in how food has shaped the world we live in as well as how food can serve as a lens through which to see the world. John is currently getting his PhD in Latin American History with Minor Fields in Food and Agricultural History and Modern Global History at George Mason University. He is a food enthusiast who loves studying the philosophy, history, and science of food, and would love to hear your stories related to food.